COnference Assigment

Answer all allquestion from part 1 through part 5.

Part 1 )Let’s begin with an œIcebreaker discussion.

Share your personal experience with unions and or management.

Have you been a member of a union? If so, share an aspect of your experience.

Have you been a supervisor or part of a management team where you worked with implementing a union contract? If so, share an aspect of your experience.

Part 2) Union Strategy:

Several union organizations (KOL, ARU, IWW) did not survive during the emergence and growth of unions in the US. Your text indicates that the focus and/or agenda of those unions may have been a key factor in their demise.

Select and discuss one of these focus issues and share why it would or would not be a successful union strategy today.



Part 3)

The rapid growth in technology over the past two decades has impacted globalization and the global workforce.

How might continued technological advances impact unionization in the US and across the globe? Or, how might it impact your workplace?

Watch the videos below before responding.

Did You Know: Human Capital Management

Did You Know: 2012

Part 4

Do you think that most employees who take legal action against their employers have valid claims or are looking to œget something for nothing?

Would you be inclined to take legal action against your employer if you felt strongly that your legal rights had been violated? Why or why not?

Part 5

Does the employment at will with exceptions standard provide sufficient protection for employees?

Would it be better if all employers were required to meet a just cause/due process standard for terminations?

Why or why not?