Comparing literature

comparing literature

You have read many different kinds of literature epics, drama, essays, wise sayings, folk tales, narrative stories, and so forth. Choose two works that you saw as addressing the same theme, but through different forms. First, discuss the form. What form was each in? Did that form give you any particular difficulties when you read through that work? Next, explain how the form of the work influenced the way the theme came across in each. What sort of an effect did the way the work was shaped have on the theme itself?

Examples of themes include being a good ruler or leader, marriage, loyalty, parent/child relationships, ruler/subject relationships, choosing an appropriate spouse, war, justice, the role of God/the gods, etc. You may NOT address heroism as a theme for this question.

Your response should be 250-400 words long; use specific examples where possible. Please remember the requirement to use different kinds of works; you may not,for example, compare Sakuntala with Othello, or one of the Middle Eastern folk tales with ones of the African folk tales.