Company Case Scenario

Project description

1. Assignment 1 (Individual)

This is an individual Assignment. The student is expected to answer the two questions on the company case scenario presented below. The assignment serves as an introduction to the management of organisations and the role management play in improving an organisation’s performance.

The student is required to write 1,000 words. To prepare the student to answer the questions, the student may use resources beyond those used in the prescribed textbook and other sources detailed in the study guide, such as the Internet, a research library, or a search engine. Avoid using non-academic sources such as Wikipedia, dictionary- related websites, for Assignment 1.

You are required to demonstrate citation and a reference list of 3 academic references for each question.

Company Case Scenario

The H.J. Heinz Company has made a number of significant changes in its operations since 2002, when it spun off several noncore businesses. Some attribute the changes to Nelson Pelz, a hedge fund manager and activist investor, who acquired over 5 percent of Heinz stock as an activist investor. Others attribute the changes and performance improvement over time to the management of Heinz CEO William Johnson.(Reference: Hitt, Black and Porter)

To help the student undertake the assignment and before answering the questions obtain information about the company and the changes it made over time. The following Web sites might be useful:


Analyse the information you obtained and then answer the following questions:

Question 1

What managerial functions are evident in the actions Johnson has taken to improve his company’s performance? Please link the actions and functions.

Question 2

What managerial roles are displayed in Johnson’s actions? Please relate the actions to specific roles.