Community Integration Planning: Writing a Cover Letter

Community Integration Planning: Writing a Cover Letter

I need help in writing a cover letter for the position of Integration Planning Analyst, for the Children and Youth Initiative

Context: Hyi has brought together a group of influencers in Ontario who share a strong interest in integrated planning for children and youth aged 0-24 years. Representing a wide variety of organizations and service providers, their purpose is to guide the creation of the System Integration Framework to align and integrate systems planning and supports for the 0-24 population in Ontario.

Once created, the Systems Integration Framework will support the work done for children and youth in the Region by aligning planning, research and facilitating work on shared priorities and opportunities including existing Community Tables that do age specific work.

Skills and Qualifications:
Graduate level (preferred) with a post-secondary degree in psychology, social policy, or a related field
Minimum of 3-5 years experience in community, or health planning; or related work
Very strong writing, communication and presentation skills; detail oriented
Strong facilitation skills with a keen appreciation and awareness of process
A strong knowledge of community development
Some understanding of existing community service providers in Ontario (0-24)
Demonstrated skill in leading and managing projects; meeting deadlines
Daily access to an automobile

Duties and Responsibilities:
The work of the Integration Planning Analyst will be directed by the Community Planning Manager and will, at a minimum, include the following:
Prepare foundational documents for emerging planning tables
Supports the facilitation needs of the System Integration Framework
Builds awareness of the System Integration Framework with Communications support
Supports in the establishment process of proposed tables
Coordinates with staff around research and communication needs
Supports the facilitation of community forums; special event planning
Facilitates community forums; synthesizing results; doing analysis and summaries
Presents the System Integration Framework to external groups as needed
Other duties as shall be assigned from time to time
Hours of Work: Most of the work will take place during regular business hours (weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm) but staff will be expected to work hours outside of these times if required.
To apply, please forward a cover letter and a resume specifically outlining how your qualifications are suited to the position.

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