Communication Options and Conflict Related Theories

Essay in Conflict Manager

Using Chapter 2 and 3 from textbook, using your own life situation, past, present, or future. The Objectives and Key Terms at the top of Chapters 2 and 3 identify the key concepts in the chapters. Address the following in your essay:

Define and explain two key concepts from each chapter that stood out to you; please include page numbers, cite from the textbook, and end the essay with a reference to the textbook (citations/ references should be in APA style).

Include suggestions the authors make for each chapter that would help you better manage conflicts (again include page numbers and references to the textbook)

Then explain how you could use the concepts that you identified to better manage a conflict in the past, present, or future (it may be one conflict for both chapters or a separate conflict for each chapter).

Your essay must meet the following criteria:


Identified 2 key concepts per chapter, defined, and explained them (key concepts are printed in bold in the text).

Identified at least one suggestion from each chapter.

Cited the text (with page numbers) and referenced it at the end of the essay.

Written in the APA style using the correct grammar and spelling.

Note that this essay should be based on two chapters, equally. In some cases you can integrate the two chapters as you write, but in other cases you may first want to discuss one chapter and then the other. In either case, you must treat both chapters equally.

Must use this References:

Cahn D. D. & Abigail, R. A. (2014). Managing Conflict through Communication (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.