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1. Describe your experience working with a virtual team on the OD project.
-good experience once everyone came together, but in the beginning it was a little bit slow getting everyone to respond to emails and wiki posts

2. What are you most proud of?
-organizing our group, contacting everyone, helping divide the work and helping/reminding them of the details we need to work out, and making suggestions for them which we ended up using (such as the due dates i suggested, paper length for each team members’ part). i helped them navigate to the wiki and gave them instructions on how to use it and see all posts. (the group leader should have done all of this stuff but she didn’t do it and some of it she didn’t how to do, such as accessing the wiki, etc, so in a way i kind of ended being the leader of our group. i have a lot of experience with this in the past so it was easy for me to see what needed to be done and what things the team leader had neglected to do which was almost everything) i even reminded everyone that we needed to choose an editor to combine all our parts into one paper and edit it for content, flow, etc and making it fit the requirements that our professor asked for, and once that person stepped up i helped organize the requirements of what each person would send to her. some people asked if they needed to do individual title sheets, etc and i said no i dont think that would be necessary since we just need one single title sheet for the final paper. but i reminded them that they should all include a reference sheet plus cite their inline quotations so that laurie our editor would have all of our references and could combine them into a master reference sheet for the final paper.

3. What would you do differently next time?
-used more sources for my section and done more extensive research, perhaps asking a consulting firm for their opinion on how to solve our case study. (writer feel free to add more answers here)

4. Relate this experience to working in a œreal-life collaborative team effort.
-it was better in some ways than in real life because online we have to get straight to the point (no joking around, getting coffee or eating or noise distractions) but worse in some ways because waiting for everyone to respond can be agonizing, some people did not check their emails often enough or they dont know how to access our online collaboration tools that the professor provided (the wiki tool and team discussion boards)

5. List two ways you, as an OD consultant, would help a team learn to be more collaborative.
-writer please come up with some ideas thank you