Claude Monet

Paper instructions:

Answer following questions. One or two paragraph for each question. It is not an essay. you do not need to make all paragraphs connect to each other.

I only want the text, do not post any pictures. However, if you are writing a paragraph for one painting, please tell me the name of this painting. so I can find the picture by myself.

The page number is for the artist project that I attached below. The artist project that I attached is an example of other artist. I am doing the Claude Monet. You can follow the page 3,4,6,8,9,10 on the artist project.

page 3: artistic education (2/3 page-one page long)
“ explain how and where the artist learned their art skills
“ identify if he was professionally trained, apprenticed, self-taught, etc.
“ introduce two samples of his work, especially if it shows how it changed over time

page 4: public appeal (2/3 page-one page long)
“ explain what makes this artist famous (artistically or behaviorally)
“ include a visual sample of their work

page 6: controversy/infamy/notoriety (2/3 page “ one page long)
“ identify if there is anything controversial about this artist’s work
“ explain the details of the controversy
(some artists are known for their outrageous behavior as much as their art)

page 8: influence (2/3 page “ one page long)
“ detail how the work of this artist has influenced others
“ what do artists, historians, and members of the public say about their work?
“ was the artist famous in life or better known after their death?

page 9: valuation (one paragraph)
“ include a personal critique of the artist’s work (what you like/dislike)  (one paragraphapproximate 100 words )

page 10: sources/references
“ list all the sources you used to acquire the information
“ include the ENTIRE address or URL for websites.