Classical Ballet and Wayne McGregor

This research paper provides an opportunity to select a contemporary choreographer whose work you believe has direct connection to either a classical dance tradition or specific dance practices within a cultural context. The paper should include description and discussion of both the tradition and the innovation. Begin by finding good footage of a piece of contemporary dance choreography. Research the artist to gain an understanding of the cultural context out of which this artist has grown. Research examples of the classical or traditional dance forms which will serve as a useful backdrop to this artists work. Try to identify aesthetic elements and/or movement vocabulary that reveals connections. How do you see the work of this artist being œinformed by the traditional material? In what way does the contemporary work resemble, transform, or reject traditional elements? Research 5 published articles that provide information and perspective on your artist and the cultural context of his or her work. The paper must include a bibliography of at least 5 relevant published sources.