Class Lesson PlanTechniques and Strategies for Teaching and Learning.

Class teaching plan

The purpose of this assignment is to identify a topic area for a class for undergraduate nursing students. The paper should include:
1.The specific Core Competency for Nurse Educators addressed
2. A description of the students
3.The learning objectives for the class
4.A lesson plan
5.The learning activity including the rationale for the Choice and correlation of the learning activity to the objectives
6.Evaluation process
Following are some guidelines for your paper:
The paper should be written using APA (6thedition) formatting. The paper will be between 7pages in length excluding the title and reference pages.
Papers that are either less than 7pages or greater than 9 pages will receive a deduction of points.
In addition to the course texts, 4 outside sources from peer-reviewed journals should be included as support for your ideas.

OUTLINE is due on August, 5

Include your course learning outcomes, instructional methods, materials, and assessments methods in outline