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Task: A Wildlife Crime Report based on the workshop practical in week 20 (a case study investigation)

Word limit: 1,000 words



What to submit: A single Word or PDF document only, containing your report and

reference list. Appendices are required.


Learning outcomes assessed:  2, 3 & 4


Hints and tips

  • A scientific wildlife crime report based on findings from the workshop in week 20 (1000 words).
  • You are to produce the report, including suitable information about the case given (see module space) describing the methodologies used to complete examinations in the laboratory and your interpretation of the results found.
  • You may use the following headings for the layout of the report or adapt them as you see fit:
  • Introduction – background to the case, as was known at the time of the examination
  • Laboratory examinations – methodologies
  • Results – of the laboratory examinations
  • Discussion – The usefulness of your results in relation to this case
  • Conclusions – Recommendations to the police but with limitations
  • Discuss your results in relation to the known facts about the case and how your information from the lab work could help the investigation.
  • Draw conclusions on how effective the examination(s) were, but also include other factors which might have to be taken into account when the police consider possible charges. This would include other agencies involved and their powers to confiscate, etc. For this I suggest you read about some wildlife crime prosecutions and/or contact your local Wildlife Crime Officer.
  • Please remember to use the APA referencing system – details from LIS or online.
  • The focus should be on analysis and critical commentary, rather than on straightforward descriptions of policy and practice.
  • This assessment should follow a standard essay format and be written in the third person.



Marking criteria

The marking criteria used for this assignment are derived from the generic level 7 marking criteria, and can be found on the module space under ‘Assignments’.