Choose any UK public limited company that is registered on the London Stock Exchange.

Conduct a research of relevant company information to undertake the following tasks.

I choose a J Sainsbury Plc


C. The shareholders are the owners of a company. Distinguish the ownership of a private limited company (Ltd) and public limited company (Plc). Based on researched information, discuss the ownership of shares of the case study company, and the rights and responsibilities of its shareholders.

D. The management of a company does not rest with the shareholders but is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and other officers of the company. Discuss the management structure of the case study company, the composition of the Board of Directors (Executives and Non-Executives), and the other officers of the company.


Assessment Requirements

This assessment should be undertaken in a GROUP of three members and is equivalent to 20% of total module marks. The mark awarded for this paper is a group mark.

The ˜case study company’ refers to the company chosen by the group for this assessment. The company chosen must be a public limited company registered in the United Kingdom. ALL tasks must be undertaken using company information and citing relevant legislation and court decisions.