Children of Heaven

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Common grammar errors

-Formal papers do not use contractions (he’s, it’s, can’t, weren’t, etc.). Spell it out

-Make sure subject and verb agree.

-Keep tenses consistent. Do not flip flop between present and past tense at all. If you begin in the present tense stay in the present tense the entire paper.

-Paragraph lengths should be about 3-7 sentences. A paragraph should never be more than ½ a page.

-A new paragraph should be started every time you begin a new idea or introduce a new theme. If you are in doubt it is better to start a new paragraph.

-Sentence fragments are incomplete sentences. One of the easiest ways to connect them is to replace the period with a comma or just delete the period to connect the sentences. For example, œI need to find a new roommate. Because the one I have is not nice should be written as œI need to find a new roommate because the one I have is not nice, for example.

Style Issues

-Avoid repetition of words or thoughts. If you have said something clearly, the reader will understand your point the first time. Also, do not use the same adjectives or verbs over and over. It is not only boring but makes the writer sound like they have no vocabulary.

-Use words with teeth. In other words, try to find the most descriptive adjectives and colorful verbs that you can. Did the man go to the store or did he sprint to the store? Was the author good or was the author eloquent?

-Overgeneralizations are really just unsupported statements. œTijuana is all a filthy slum is not necessarily true unless you back it up by proving that there are absolutely no nice places there. A better statement would be œThe majority of Tijuana appears to be mostly filthy slum.

-If you quote or summarize someone else’s work, cite. This includes any information found on the internet. It does not matter much which citation format you use (MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, etc.), just as long as you cite.

Children of Heaven

There are several planning issues we may consider when watching this wonderful film. ( Please talk about 4 or 5 of the following issues) They are:

1) Family values, ties and social network

2) Urban isolation among some family members, particularly for young children

3) Physical setting between poor and rich neighborhoods

4) Consequences of urban environment (urbanization) in a city (noise and air pollution, for example)

5) Slum environment and family survival including coping mechanism

6) Attitudes and cultural differences between haves and have-nots

7) Use of alleys and existing neighborhood conditions for daily activities

8) No uniform zoning in the city

9) Building design (globalization)

Works cited have to be on a separate paper. Please cite your sources using APA style.

The following link is a good example. Notice how he speaks of urban planing and the other issues i mentioned above.