Chemistry Principles

1. A technician is given the task of calibrating a calcium hydroxide solution with an approximate concentration of 0.01M using freshly calibrated 0.05M HCl. Propose an experiment that the technician can do in the laboratory to calibrate the sodium hydroxide solution. Using mock data and following the outline of the report sheets for the laboratory sessions, show how you could calculate the concentration of the calcium hydroxide based on the experiment described.

Mark allocation:

“ /10 for writing a procedure sheet suitable for the experiment

“ /10 for writing a correct laboratory sheet

“ /10 for having correct calculations and having chosen realistic values to work with.

Maximum 1000 words.

3. Describe the preparation of 100mL phosphate buffer at pH 7.4, starting from H3PO4 solution (1M) and KH2PO4 (FW 136 g/mol). Show all calculations. Ka H3PO4 = 7.5×10-3.

Mark allocation ./5

4. What is the pH of a solution resulting from mixing 100 mL 0.5M NaOH with 500 mL 0.3M HCl? Show all calculations.

Mark allocation ./5

5. Choose a topic, and write a short essay (min 500 words, max 750 words not including references) on one of the following topics.

As for lecture handouts, diagrams and pictures copied from websites must be referenced (website name and access date). Any sources of information must be referenced: journal articles- names of authors, year, name of journal, title of article, volume, issue, pages; books- autors(editors), year, name of book, edition number (if applicable), chapter (if applicable), ISBN number. Please use AT LEAST one other source but the internet.

“ hard water

“ properties of Be

“ properties of Al

“ properties of Xe

“ extraction and purification of Sulphur