Challenges of notary system and its coping strategies

1.Make a summary of reasearch results in the area of notary law (300-500 words).

2. Point out the challenges of the notary system:how to coordinate the relathionship between contract freedom and transaction security (notary system is a mesure to stenthen the transaction security, but it violates the liberty of parties); how to coordinate the relationship between the transaction security and transaction efficiency (notary system adds economic and time costs), it might be resolved by economic analysis (transaction costs include not only the costs in the period of the conclusion of trading activity where the notary system brings additional cots, but also includs the costof dispute resolution which could be reduced by the introduction of notary system, etc. )

3.The developpement of the Information and Communication Technology and internet brings also challenge to the traditional notary system. Then, how to responds to this challenge? Does notarisation could be used as proof as to Internet infringement and some other torts?

4.Compare the different role of notary system in Civil law legal system and in Commom law legal system, then point out that the challenges of the notary system might be the main reasons of such differences.

5. Internet sources should be no more than 3.

6. Reference recommended: