Case Analysis Plastec Company case study

Plastec Company case study (Learning Team: Case Analysis I). Review the information

on this company which was provided in weeks 1 and 2 (Introductions and Endcaps),
as well as the additional information provided here in the attached document.
Write a 2 page word analysis, being sure to address the questions at the end. The
analysis should be in the form of a paper: don’t simply answer the questions. Please
note there is not one best approach or right answers. You must support your analysis
to the fullest extent possible.
Please use APA format.
Paul arrived at Plastec Company 18 months ago, as the first HR professional the
company ever had. Started fifteen years ago by two brothers, the company has been
experiencing a œgrowth spurt for the past 3-4 years, fueled by increasing demand for
small plastic parts: computer keyboards, toys, airplanesa wide variety of needs. Paul
was directed by the owners to œuse HR to keep us staffed up so we can grow and to
œkeep us out of court. The company has a single location which is in an industrial park
outside a major metropolitan area.
When the company was founded most of their workers were Caucasian and about 20%
African-American because this was the racial make-up of the surrounding area (labor
market). In the past few years people of many different ethnicities have moved into the
area: Hispanics, Asians, people from India, Bosnians, Serbians, and Russians, among
others. Plastec’s employees are primarily Caucasian and African-American, although
there are two Hispanic employees and one Vietnamese. There is a high demand in the
local labor market for semi-skilled labor like the majority of the jobs at Plastec.
As soon as Paul arrived, he attempted to get relevant data and HR metrics so we he could
understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding their labor force. While
he was able to piece together some data, a lot of it just wasn’t available or if it was
available, it wasn’t easy to retrieve and analyze.
Review the dialogues in the course Introductions for weeks 1, 2, and 3, as well as the
above information, and answer the following questions:
“ Which employment laws or regulations should Paul pay the most attention to and
“ Keeping in mind that it takes time/energy to implement systems to retrieve data,
which HR metrics should start Paul capturing?
“ Paul knows he should be updating job descriptions but he œjust hasn’t had the
time. Why should he make this a priority (or should he)?
“ Identify 1-3 things the company could do to improve employee retention and
reduce turnover.