Read the paragraphs below and answer each question individually


The Online Job Search Industry (OJSI) video discusses the big 3 job search sites including Monster.com, CareerBuildiers.com, and HotJobs.com. There are many new job search web-based businesses entering the market that specialize in certain industries or certain jobs that are stealing the big 3 markets. Craig’s List and Google are also competing for a piece of the billion dollar job market industry

1. How can you use efficiency IT metrics to measure the success of your online search company?

2. How can you use effectiveness IT metrics to measure the success of your online search company?

3. What specific metrics would you use to monitor your online search Web site?

4. If you could start your own online job search Web-based business how would you differentiate it in the current market?

5. Pick a company, analyze their current business process and describe changes (small or large) that they might make (BPR) to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.





Rocketboom is a three minute daily video blog based in New York City. They cover and create a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky internet culture. Agenda includes releasing each new clip at 9am ET, Monday through Friday. With a heavy emphasis on international arts, technology and weblog drama, Rocketboom is presented via online video and widely distributed through RSS.

Rocketboom is currently one of the most popular video blogs on the internet with more daily subscribers for original syndicated multimedia content than nearly any other site, including podcasts.

They differ from a regular TV program in many important ways. Instead of costing millions of dollars to produce, Rocketboom is created with a consumer-level video camera, a laptop, two lights and a map with no additional overhead or costs. Also, Rocketboom is distributed online, all around the world and on demand, and thus has a much larger potential audience than any TV broadcast. However, we spend $0 on promotion, relying entirely on word-of-mouth, and close to $0 on distribution because bandwidth costs and space are so inexpensive. While TV programs have traditionally been uni-directional, Rocketboom engages its international audience in a wide range of topical discussions.

6. How could Rocketboom generate revenue?

7. How has Rocketboom changed its organizational structure from traditional television companies?

8. What would happen if Rocketboom executives did not understand IT as well as business?