Basic Nutrition in Early Childhood Education Environments

Learning Resources

Required Resources

Course Text:

  • Safety, Nutrition, and Health in Early Education (5th ed.)

    • Chapter 6, œBasic Nutrition in Early Childhood Education Environments (pp. 212−250)
    • Chapter 8, œProviding Good Nutrition for Diverse Children (pp. 290−330)

Note: Peruse the following Web sites and online articles. You will need to refer to these resources when completing your Discussion and Application Assignment.

Web Sites:


  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2000, November). Nutrition and overweight. InHealthy people 2010 (2nd ed.) (Vol. 2). Retrieved

  • Bellows, L., & Anderson, J. (2006, May). The food friends: Encouraging preschoolers to try new foods. Beyond the Journal: Young Children on the Web. Retrieved from the Walden Library Using this link: 

    Obstacles to Good Nutrition

    Children in the United States face significant obstacles to good nutrition. This is due in part to the increased consumption of fast food.

    Review Chapter 6 in your text, particularly the section titled œReality Check: How Is America Eating: Do We Fulfill Our Nutritional Needs? as well as the articles and Web sites listed in this week™s Learning Resources. Drawing on these resources, what you have learned in the course so far, and your own observations of current lifestyle trends, consider the following:

    • Current obstacles to good nutrition for young children

    • Knowledge and approaches adults committed to the well-being of children can take to overcome these obstacles

    With these thoughts in mind:

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