Based on the ad, describe the target market.

For this week’s discussion, each student will select a 
different consumer brand from the Superbowl commercials. Then, using concepts from the textbook, students will create their own œsubstantive post and address the following: 

  1. Based on the ad, describe the target market. (See Chapter 4, if necessary.)
  2. For the target market, to which needs does the product or ad appeal? Why? (See Chapter 5, Exhibit 5-4, PSSP Hierarchy of Needs.)
  3. Is problem-solving routine, limited or extensive? Justify. (See Chapter 5, Exhibit 5-10, Problem-Solving Continuum.) 

In addition to the substantive post, students will make 
at least 2 follow-up replies to others. The criteria of quality, quantity and timeliness apply “ review the document under the syllabus tab if necessary. 

There are numerous places online to obtain the SuperBowl ads. We will use this list from NJ dot com as the definitive one.

A few caveats: 

  • Title your substantive post with the name of the brand (e.g., œGoDaddy.) so that anyone viewing the forum will know the brand that you selected without reading the post.
  • Select a brand with an ad targeted to consumers. For instance, the GoDaddy ads are targeted to small businesses, not consumers, and therefore should not be a substantive post. 
  • Your substantive post should be unique. Don’t duplicate a consumer brand that another student has already used. Students who post early will have more choice but there’s plenty to choose from. Dr B will deal with timing issues as-needed (e.g., posting about the same brand 5 minutes after someone else could be understandable but posting a duplicate brand 5 days after someone else would not be justifiable). 
  • Be objective and analytic. It it tempting to be subjective about the Superbowl ads. For instance, œI like Danica Patrick, so I liked the GoDaddy commercial is subjective, not objective. Think like a marketer and use course concepts. 

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