Backgorund History on Microsoft and Apple Inc

Paper instructions:

research on the history of the two companies and then write a paper that tells me what you have learned. What do they have in common? How are the businesses

different? This will take some deep digging. Go into the company web sites and search through their various filings with the SEC. Look at report on news artciles and

events that effect the firm. How big are their stores (in sq. ft.)? What are their sales per square foot? Why are they different? How much per square foot do they pay

in rent? Do they own the land? Whats their competitive advantage? If they don’t do you see any evidence that their leases are below current market rates? Post your

paper to this Dropbox. I would also suggect using Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and MSN Money Central sites.

Note: Discuss competition further and competitive advantages and disadvantages. You may do a SWOT analysis as well. If you do not know what a SWOT analysis is, look at and also a PEST analysis which is in the link. You may also look at and use Porters 5 forces Model at Your paper should be your own written material, generally about 2,000 or more words. A title page and

reference page should be included but not as part of the page count or word count. Follow APA format. This paper should NOT be a duplicate of your previous paper.

All papers are submitted through a plagiarism check. Scores should be below 20%. Scores above 20% will be subjected to grade reductions and scores above 50% will

receive a zero grade. Cut and pasting material is not appropriate and using quotations to justify vast amounts of material copied does not meet Columbia policies and

will receive a zero grade as well and ignorance can not be used as an excuse. Please refer to proper APA guidelines and Columbia College Plagiarism guidelines.

A good research paper will include an abstract, table of contents, reference list, and main text. The main text would include, an introduction, text separated into

sections, summary, conclusion and recommendations.

Research on the history and background of two companies
What do they have in common? How are the businesses different? (10/10).
Substantial of at least 2,000+ words. (12/12).
Well written in APA style with cover page. (2/2).
Reference Page. (1/1).