Avant Garde

In 2013, a century or so after the inception of cubism and futurism, is it possible to imagine a work (or works) of art made today representing a comparable understanding of the (an) avant garde? Why or why not? If the avant garde could exist in the present how would we identify or describe it?

Refer to at least two of the readings assigned in class, should be 250-300 words

Readings: chearles baudeaire, œthe Painter of Modern Life

Edgar Allan Poe, from œThe Man of the Crowd

Champfleury, œThe Burial at Omans

Stephane Mallarme, œNeo-Impressionists and Edouard Manet

Felix Feneon, œCesanne

Henri Matisse, œNotes of a PAinter

Peter Watkins, The Commune

Marcel Duchamp, œThe Richard Mutt Case

Alfred H. Barr, Jr. œfrom Cubism and Abstract Art

Meyer Schapiro, œThe Social Bases of Art

Clement Greenberg, œAvant-Garde and Kitsch

Moira Roth, œDuchamp in America: A Self Ready-made

Andre Breton, œFrom the first manifesto of surrealism œSurrea;ism and painting and œfrom the second manifesto of surrealism (p. 447, 457, 463)