Assessment Task 3: Critical discourse analysis essay.

Assessment Task 3: Critical discourse analysis essay.

This should be 2000 words
Choose one of the health issue/population group:

    Youth suicide,
    Pornography/sexual violence
    Terrorism/War/Postcolonial Issues
    Cultural minorities,
    Sexuality and family diversity


    Find TWO media examples of your chosen topic one positive and one negative (preferably Australian) but if overseas explain its relevance to Australia, the two

media examples recommend to be recently, not old.

Please see below to know how the 2000 words should be divided, also you can find this information in the file name:


Locate TWO media texts representing your chosen health issue/population group (for example: print, cyber/internet and film/TV. These can include, but cannot

exclusively be, advertisements). Ensure you provide descriptions, replications or links to your media examples in your essay.
1. Undertake a literature review on what has been written on the media representation of your health issue/population group (ie readings which discuss the range of

media portrayls of your health issue/population group NOT the health status of population group or extent of the health issue). The review will include a minimum of 7

readings from journal articles/books/chapters etc. You may use 1-2 of the Weekly Readings posted on CloudDeakin. [Approx. 700 words].
2. Undertake a discourse analysis for each of your two selected media texts using the theories provided by Dally (1995) and Foucault (1970). I have uploaded Dally

(1995) and Foucault (1970) In PowerPoint for you [Approx. 600 words].
3. Refer to Lupton’s (1994) strategies for media deconstruction to show the techniques used in constructing the particular discourse of your media text. [Approx. 150

words, plus table]. I have uploaded Lupton’s as well for you.
4. To what extent (and how) does your critical media discourse analysis resonate with the accompanying quote? (ie does it reinforce, resist, reflect and/or subvert the

tenet of the quote?). Approx. 50 words].
5. Utilise Health Promotion principles (for example from: Ottawa Charter (1986), Keleher and Murphy (2003) Framework for Health Promotion Action etc.) to discuss what

action needs to be undertaken for your chosen topic quote to make the negative aspects redundant. (For example: Topic 2 Gender: what range of actions need to be

undertaken to prevent sexualised representations in media negatively impacting on women’s health and wellbeing? Consider a range of actions from policy, advocacy,

empowerment etc.). [Approx. 500 words].