Article Summary (Accidental Genius) ¦

Project instructions:
Article (attached):
Treffert, Darold A. œAccidental Genius. Scientific American 311.2 (2014): 52-57. Academic Search Complete. Web. 29 Sept. 2014.

Below is the requirements of this summary. Please read carefully and write this summary strictly according to the requirements.

1. The first paragraph must contain the name of the article and the author’s name.

2. The main ideas and concepts in the article must be discussed in some detail (remember the goal is two pages). Be sure that the summary is in your own words!
If you quote directly from the source, you must use citations to identify the quote and source. Be sure to identify the central theme in the article and to include all

critical points.

3. The last paragraph should contain a critique discussing the strong and weak points of the article, whether you liked it or not, and whether you feel the information

from the article was valuable.

4. Generate a list of 3 questions that could be asked to further investigate the topic discussed in the article. These questions should be meaningful questions which

would stimulate further experimentation or investigation. Questions can not have a simple factual answer.