Art and gender

West & Zimmerman?Community Arts Track: Belan; Duncan?Comics Track: McCloud; Glascock & Preston-Schreck


. Readings & Lecture“ See Learning Module 3

This week, we navigate some ways in which individuals are denied access, marginalized, or find belonging within the gendered world through art.

This Week’s Assignment

In this discussion assignment, you are asked to:

1. Complete the Learning Module and all readings for Week 3.

2. Find and post an image, sound, performance, or other artistic piece that in some way represents one of the gendered topics raised in this week’s readings and the Learning Module. Note the name of the piece, the artist, and the topic and article to which you are connecting.

3. Along with the artistic piece you share, develop and post a question(s) or other connection(s) about this image and topic for this discussion by the rest of the class. The question/specific commentary should clearly be connected to one of the readings and module points for the week.

4. Respond to other students’ chosen pieces and questions/comments to develop dialogue on the topic of accessibility, marginalization, and belonging.

Participate in the discussion throughout the week (minimum 3 days of the week for a potential œA).

Recommended steps for completing your participation in this week’s discussion:

First, ground yourself within the initial readings and lecture for the week.

Then, write down and share your reactions, comments, and questions. Couch your questions and forming ideas on this topic within frameworks based directly on the readings.

Search for sounds, images, performances, or other pieces that reflect your questions and reactions particularly to Ore’s lines of inquiry as well as the rest of the course readings and learning module for the week.

Post your questions/comments along with a description of the accompanying image(s)/sound(s) and how it connects to our content this week.

Further your understanding of accessibility, marginalization, and belonging broadly related to art and gender by conversing with our colleagues within the course based on their posts and in response to your own.

To recap: Throughout the week, you are being asked to post questions/comments with images/sounds and responses raised for you by and within our readings. Then, develop dialogue about these questions, images, and comments with course colleagues.


Assignment :

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