Choose a social or cultural phenomenon or aspect of Chinese contemporary society (since

1949) that you are interested in as your research topic. The topic should be broadly related to the

issues or themes that are discussed in our class. Examination and explanation of recent changes

in specific social and cultural domains or practices are highly recommended. All students should

discuss their topic with the TA before the actual writing.


The paper (1) must have a title that captures its central theme and (2) should consist of at

least three parts:

An introduction that briefly presents the phenomenon or issue examined in the paper, and

the key arguments or central points made in the paper. The introduction should clarify the

paper’s contribution to a current scholarly or popular conversation on the phenomenon.

The main body of the paper should provide a more detailed account and analysis of the

chosen issue by incorporating insights (a) by authors whom you have read in this class,

(b) from additional scholarly works you read for this paper, and (c) from primary “ not,

generally speaking scholarly materials that you find and which are relevant to the topic.

Examples of the latter include: media stories, novels, films, blog posts, advertisements,

artworks, commercial products, transcripts and videos of speeches and events, etcetera.

A conclusion that summarizes the main ideas presented in the paper and implications of

your discussion for understanding contemporary Chinese culture, economy, and society.

The entire paper should
be 6-8 pages (double-spaced). The main text, NOT including the

references and notes, should be no less than 6 pages. That is, 1500-200 words in the text.

You should separate the above three parts of your paper into titled sections.


The paper must be typed and printed on white paper with one-inch margins on all 4 sides.

Double-space everything except for your list of references and footnotes/endnotes (Either

form of notation is acceptable). Please number all the pages, and include your name and

student ID on the first page of the paper. Staple in upper left corner.


The paper should cite at least 2 books and 3 journal articles pertinent to your topic. At

least 3 citations must be sources other than the required reading materials of the course.

! Final paper is due (in class):
November 30! Plan ahead: late papers cannot be accepted!

Intro template: (as reference)

many people think ____ (1) means _____. Yet, in attending to how _____ appears in _____ (3&4), i attend to the multiple meaning ____(1) assumes in these different moments/ space/ contexts. In order this, i explore how ____3&4 complicate what (1) is and how (1) is practi