Now that you have finished reading the novel, it is time for you to reflect on the ideas that Rand presents. Write an essay in which you argue either in favour of or against the philosophy that Rand presents in her novel. To make your arguments, you need to begin with some research. Use examples from history (either ancient or modern) as well as from current events in the news. If you are arguing in favor of Rand’s ideas, for example, you might want to think about how something like the œOccupy Movement could be used to support your case. If you are arguing against Rand, you might consider something like the rise of Nazism in Germany. For your essay, you need to discuss three historical or current events and show me clearly how they relate to the novel. As well, I will expect to see specific quotations from the novel used to support your ideas. Remember, it is not enough simply to give me the quotations; you also have to discuss in specific detail why the quotation supports your arguments. This is a formal essay, so you should not use œI, unless it is in a quotation. Also, avoid using contractions in your writing. The length for this assignment is approximately 750 words excluding any quotations you use.