Analysis Short Response

College Writing Paper Assignment #5

Analysis Short Response

We have spent time discussing assumptions, definitions, premises, various examples of theses, and analyzing arguments.  For the next assignment, please examine the argument present in your book report selection. 

Your paper should analyze your chosen argument, not just summarize it or disagree with it.  In order to perform this analysis, you must locate and examine assumptions, if there are any; find and state the premises, examine the definitions in a critical fashion, locate the thesis, and describe the evidence/methods used to persuade you as a reader.  Some questions you may want to ask: How does the author define the topic, and what key points does the author use to describe the definition?  How might it differ from your own definition?  Does the article provide alternative viewpoints in a fair and balanced manner?  Does the author use deductive or inductive reasoning to prove the claims?  What sort of evidence is cited?  Is it reliable, accurate, current, and true?  Who are the sources cited?  Are they reliable, trustworthy, accurate, current, and true?  Are there any fallacies in the argument?  This is not a complete list, but it is a good starting point to begin to analyze, or pick apart the author’s argument. 

Please present your ideas in an essay format, not just as a series of answers.  In addition, you must use citations from your source material in your own paper as the evidence for your claims.  The paper must contain proper MLA format and citations. 

In the conclusion of your paper, please offer your own critical opinion on the topic.  Remember that your critical opinion does not simply end at whether or not you like or agree with the author’s conclusions.  Instead, your opinion might start with a positive or negative reaction and then develop into a critical opinion based on some logical and rational reasons as to why you agree/disagree with the argument.  The latter interests me far more than the former.  Be sure to tie this paragraph into your overall argument.  Still no personal pronouns allowed!

As always, if there are any questions feel free to ask me in person before or after school or email me. 

Length: minimum 2 pages.  The assignment is worth 30 points. 

Polished Paper Due: 14 October 2013.

On a grammatical note, the scale for the paper will go as follows. 

A+ = Perfect. 

A-A- =no more than 4 grammatical/structural/awkward sentences

B+-B-= no more than 5 grammatical/structural/awkward sentences

C+-C- = no more than 6 grammatical/structural/awkward sentences

D-F = 7 or more errors.