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Analysis Assignment: Critical Analysis of a Text
This Critical Analysis of Text assignment focuses on extracting and critically assessing information contained in research
articles. The point of this is for you to assess how well the author(s) presented the information contained in this article. Be
careful! I know what information is contained in these articles. I do not want a summary or paraphrasing of the information
contained in the article you choose. I want to know what you think of the organization and delivery of the information
presented in this article.
Choose ONE and write a two page critical analysis of the way the author presents the content (not the content itself).
1) one article to analyze. Read and reread
the text.
2) Decide how you feel about the organization, exposition and effectiveness of this article. This will form the basis of your
thesis statement that must appear at the end of your first paragraph. A “thesis statement” tells the reader what your paper will
be about, so it is important to construct a clear sentence that shows your intent for this paper.
2) Choose (at least) three aspects of your chosen article that raise questions in your mind about the way this information was
presented by the author(s). Explain your concerns about and/or appreciation of the way the information was presented.
3) Make sure that you can explain how each example can be brought back to your thesis statement.
Organizing your thoughts:
Determine who the audience is for this article). Was the author effective in relaying her/his message to the target audience
(including you)? Is the article clear or confusing? In what ways?
Discuss at least three main reasons why you felt the article was effective or ineffective. Your reasons should have to do with
tone/voice/style of the author(s) as he/she/they present the information in the article.
Conclude your paper with a restatement of the information you presented (including a referral back to your thesis statement).
Make sure you said what you thought you said in this paper.
Organizing your paper:
No title page, no abstract. Just type your name, the date and the subject in the top left corner of the first page.
2 page paper, doublespaced,
margins all around, written in English, 12point
and reread
your paper to catch grammar and wordchange
errors that spellcheck missed. NO MLA REQUIRED