An Analysis in the Prevention of recurrent Tissue Breakdown after pressure sore closure.

Project description
Contents Page/Abstract=150 Words.Write a short summary about key issues in the DISSERTATION Chapter one- Introduction 150 words.This should take a sweeping look at key issues and their sequences as they are addressed in your review. This include the researcher work on a 30 bedded Trauma and orthopaedic ward. The researcher’s Trust introduced Skin Bundle,4 hourly skin intervention chart, nutrition and safe discharge. (Should appear in the appendix 1)A proposal including focus question and rationale=1200 words. You should provide rationale for the chosen focus of the review and highlighting the professional,clinical and conceptual relevance of your review question. This section should CLEARLY ARTICULATE the ASPECT of Practice that will be the centre of the project and how the literature review will contribute to its evaluation. Your rationale should make reference to current POLICIES related to evidence base practice and the ROle of Critical systematic reviews in that process. METHODOLOGY (1500 words)BE CAREFUL use nursing intervention only. This is a critical evaluation of the systematic approach to the collection and analysis of evidence underpinning the identified aspect of practice. You should provide a critical account and audit trail of the process you undertook. This sec might include : Discussion of the strengths and limitations of bibliograpic aids: Discussion of the issues that influenced the depth and breadth of the literature coverage; Discussion of sources of potential bias; How material was analysed and conclusions drawn. PRESENTATION of the literature review and findings (3500 words)This is a critical discussion of all the material analysed, demonstrating your synthesis of what you have learned from the edge of sources. This part of the project will need to be divided into chapters. the number of chapters required will be determined by the findings/themes coming out of the review. Sudheadings may be used. DISCUSS any implications and provide recommendations for practice (1000 words) Within this discussion you should discuss how successfully you have addressed your review question and thereby the practice significance of your findings to promote evidence based clinical practice. you shld include a critical discussion of the recommendations for current best practice arising out of the findings of the review. CONCLUSIONS (500 words)You should end your project by looking back over the methodology used and arguments you have developed, summarising the main points of your analysis. you should consider both strengths and weaknesses of your project. ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE Coherence of project= your project should read as one coherent piece of work. Therefore, the chapters should be logically ordered with a link given to conclude one chaptr and to lead into the nxt. The reader needs to be guided thru the review, withclear’signposts’ thru out. you should aim to summarise the issues and shows a good understandg of how all the issues raised in the review are related to the identified aspct of practice.