advanced safety management

Paper instructions: and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of implementing ANSI/AIHA Z10 versus OSHA’s VPP program, discuss the perceived or real benefits of each

standard and the difficulty of implementing each. support the discussion with personal experience and or source other than the course.

2. the course textbook states that management leadership and employees participation is the most important section of ANSI/AIHI Z10. Review the description of the

other sections of the most standard and provide your opinion as to which section would be the second most important. support your discussion with examples from

personal experience and other additional research.

3. a recent OSHA  inspection in your machine shop identified several serious deficiencies in occupational noise control. serious violations were issued citing 29

CFR 1910.95(I)(2) and 29 CFR 1910.95(k). using the PDCA framework, develop a plan that will correct the deficiencies and ensure that the violations do not recur.