Access Bedford/St. Martin’s Re:Writing Free & Open Resources.

Access Bedford/St. Martin’s Re:Writing Free & Open Resources.

Expand the œTry a tutorial menu

Expand œOn avoiding plagiarism

Click on œAvoiding Plagiarism

Click on œTutorial: Avoiding Plagiarism

Read and study the material on Taking Notes. You may want to print the teaching material so you can annotate it and refer to it as you answer the questions in the exercises.

Go back to œOn avoiding plagiarism

Expand œTaking Notes

Click on œTutorial: Taking Notes

Go back to œTaking Notes and complete the following three exercises: (You will need to register with an email address before exercises become available.)

Click on œExercise: Recognizing Summaries

Click on œExercise: Recognizing Paraphrases

Click on œExercise: Recognizing Integrated Quotations

After you finish reading the tutorial and answering the questions in all three exercises, write the following to demonstrate your understanding of what you learned in the tutorial. The tutorial is preparation for the assignment below, so there is no need for you to submit the results from the exercises.

Write 250 “ 500 words on how to effectively use summaries (5 points), paraphrases (5 points), and quotations (5 points) from sources to support ideas in your essays. In your paragraphs, include a definition (in your own words) of a summary, a paraphrase, and an integrated quotation. Write your paper in Microsoft Word and format according to APA standards.