5 Mins presentation under the course of the professional Development in Marketing.

5 Mins presentation under the course of the professional Development in Marketing.

This is a 5 mins presentation need to provides a powerpoint

around 500 words

The first presentation is
titled ˜Howl plan to take advantage of mentoring in marketing’. Provide your notes and write a brief reflection on your communication
skills related to deliv ering pre sentations, active listening and providing constructive feedbackto peers on opportunitiesforfurther
dev elopment (around 500 words in total). Your reflections are provided on the submission form, along with full reference details.

Presentations of mentoring opportunities are based on mentors participating in the Business Career Mentor Pro gram. This is open
to students from second year and above in their degree. Each week students will examine a different mentorto explore mentoring
possibilities across a range of organisations and for mentors offering dev elopment of different marketing skills.

All students are required to participate in the provision of peer fee dback. All presentations must coverthe following areas within the 5-minute


1. Brief overview ofthe organisation offering the mentoring opportunity and your view of its place in society (1 minute or


2. Whattype of marketing roles do ou anticipate being required by this organisation and what type of skills or knowledge would
they seek in marketing graduates? (1 minute to demonstrate critical thinking)

3. Why would you like the opportunityto be mentored by someone in this organisation and how would you plan to use the time allocated with a mentor? (2 minutesto show

reflection, creativ e
thinking on best use of the time)

4. Conclusion: Final words on why you should be giv en this opportunity There is no specified format forthe delivery of presentations,with the optional use of

Powerpoint slides or other technology.