world religion- Christianity, primal religion and Islam

Write a 5-6 page paper, synthesizing what you have learned from the second half of this course, and drawing conclusions from the course as a whole.

Have to read the book.

There are three religions and one conclusion in the book and should refer each one.

Should talk about Christianity, primal religion and Islam and the last part œa final examination.

Quote should be from book which I gave the link to you

Be thorough and go deep;

refer to each religion;

be specific and use examples from the readings;

identify the most valuable ideas for you so far;

Identify any ways in which you see religion differently now, or reflect on why your views have not changed at all; and¦

How do you imagine using what you have learned so far“in your studies, or in any other area of your life?

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE use quotations marks whenever you use someone else’s words. Do not paste and copy from the Internet. Use your own words and ideas.