What steps, if any should be taken to increase fossil fuel energy supplies

Find 2-3 resources that you think are useful and would benefit your classmates in learning more about the topics we’ve covered so far.


One way to make renewable energy sources more market share is to create new market rules through an ecological consumption taxation replacing income based taxation that raises market price and reduces market share and profits for polluting, depleting, and ecologically damaging goods and services. What do you see as the benefits of this? Drawbacks? What alternatives do you think will be just as or more effective?

What steps, if any should be taken to increase fossil fuel energy supplies? Are there ecologically sound paths to follow? What fossil fuel resources can be targeted? What recommendations do you propose for transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable sources? Be sure to address both conservation and replacement. Provide reasoning for your recommendations.



What steps, if any, should be taken to increase efficiencies of natural gas use as transition fuel? What is the potential for substituting natural gas for other fossil fuels?

Once you find a resource that you’d like to share, post the name of the resource, include an APA reference, with url.(where applicable), a summary description and brief analysis of the resource. It does not need to be long, just a brief summary of what information the resource gives and how it might help us learn more about these topics.