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Write a paper analyzing the movie Warm Bodies directed by Jonathan Levine. Discuss how it reflects the sociocultural fears of that time.
Paper Length: 5 to 10 pages long (page length does not include the cover page, abstract, or work cites pages)
Format: APA 6 – including
Cover page with running head
In text quotes and citations
Work Cited page

In the film Warm Bodies, it is primarily about a zombie falling in love with a human being. The zombie is a male named R. The human being is a female named Julie.
When R meets Julie for the first time, he starts to have emotional feelings for her. The real interesting part, Julie also begins to have feelings for R.

In the early 2010s, a lot of things are going on in regards to acceptance. The same sex marriage issue is in debate. There is also the issue of transsexuals in America and their own rights. A hot topic during this time period is the acceptance of marijuana being legalized at the state level for recreational purposes. But probably
the most important issue in regards to acceptance, the first African-American president being elected into the United States.

Make sure you are making clear ties to the film throughout and how it is illustrating this.



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