virtuous’ in Aristotle’s ethics? What do you think it means to be virtuous? Why? Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Please read the attached pdf file and then discuss this What does it mean to be ‘virtuous’ in Aristotle’s ethics? What do you think it means to be virtuous? Why?

Papers details and rubric:

  • 4 pages double-spaced, written in proper paper format with citations and bibliography


  • You are expected to carefully detail the steps of the philosophers’ arguments, then develop your own position, and then consider objections to your own view.
  • State your topic, why it is a problem, and your position on it in a clear thesis statement. It should be clear to me where you stand/what your view is. You will be developing and defending this view.


  • Develop the philosophical position by outlining the main points of the two philosophers’ views. Show what the philosophers’ arguments are in a step-by-step manner.


  • Develop your own position in response to the philosophers. You may agree or disagree. Outline the strongest reasons for your position.


  • Anticipate strong objections to your view. What would a reasonable person who disagrees say and why (what reasons)?


  • Further support your position. Show why, despite a strong objection, your view is still correct.


  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the readings, the authors’ views, class discussion, and the many issues involved in these complex and often contentious topics. Show that you have considered multiple angles—somewhere, someone disagrees with you. How do you respond to them and defend your view?