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Make use of all of the NPD techniques covered in class to devise a credible plan to tackle at least four of these questions:

How could Virgin take LifeStart to market in innovative, cost-effective ways, recruiting >25000 students have taken up the service by the end of 2017?

How can LifeStart meet the “Toothbrush Test”? – features or user experience (gamification?) that would encourage students to engage with LifeStart twice a day?

What have you learned from primary research which makes the proposition and user experience more compelling?

How would you develop the idea of Virginia – your personal assistant to make university life better? What are the most important problems to address? What would you want her to be able to do?

How would you build a community of Life Start users (Virginians?!) and add value from continued engagement? How can we hook into students’ existing engagement with services like WhatsApp or Snapchat?

What’s your radical thought to take LifeStart to the next level?

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