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Study on the effect of vibrations upon lubricant film thickness in grease lubricated ball bearing contacts (vibrations upon lubricant thickness)

Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication regime occurs in many machine elements such as rolling element bearings, cams, gears, toroidal traction drives, etc. In this regime, the lubricant film, which is typically less than one micrometer thick, is subjected to very large pressures, shear stresses and temperature pulses. In addition, the contact is usually subjected to vibrations generated by the non-uniformities of its geometry or propagated from the environment.
In this project a study of the effect of normal vibration upon the film thickness of an EHD film will be carried out in a purpose built experimental rig. The method used to measure the film thickness is optical interferometry. An existing rig will be adapted to allow vibrations of known shape to be generated and the film thickness variation will be analyses under these conditions. The interferograms of the contact under vibrations will be captured by a high- speed CCD camera and will be analyses by image analysis software.

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