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Explain what your technical skills are and how your use them. For example, my technical skills are specifically in the areas of measurement and statistics. I use these skills to help businesses and mostly government agencies to collect data they need to make decisions. One specific example is work I have done with Oracle to build a case management system for foster care agencies. This case management system provides specific data on each foster care child in the foster care system and allows foster care case workers and foster care administrators to have real-time data on children and critical incidents (such as abuse) if they occur. The case management system also provides suggestions for treatment plans that can be used to help children.
2. Provide a self-reflection on your own interpersonal skills. For example, do you think you have strong interpersonal skills and if so give some examples or do you need to work on your interpersonal skills and if so how might you work on them? You could even talk about both your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interpersonal skills.
3. Choose any article that talks about interpersonal skills. Give the full citation of the article. What did you learn from the article and is there anything from the article that you will apply to your own development



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