Unemployment in Nevada: causes, consequences and solutions.


This is the capstone project for this course and accounts for 42% of your grade. It is your opportunity to apply what you have learned throughout the semester. Your challenge is to write an informational, analytical or persuasive business report following the guidelines below.

This report requires a blend of the Business and MLA formats. This blended style is closest to what you will probably find in the real business world; however when writing a report for work you must use any format guidelines that have been established by your boss or company.


Your paper must conform to and include the following:

Cover page Your report must have an attractive and appropriate cover page.

Table of Contents The paper must include a table of contents that, at a minimum, identifies the page on which each first level heading begins.

Tables and charts Your report must include at least one meaningful table or chart that you prepared. Pasting a table or chart from another source will result in 10 point reduction.

Citations The purpose of a citation is to attribute the cited material to its source and to allow the reader to immediately find that source.

For this paper use an MLA style œWorks Cited page and MLA style inline citations instead of footnotes or endnotes. Whenever the source document is on the internet make a hyperlink to the source. This will allow the reader (me) to immediately locate the source.