Topic: MA Social Work Assignment Case studies Essay (2,500) Choose ONE case study from those detailed below. Give an analysis of the knowledge, values and skills that might be required to work in this situation Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

MA Social Work Assignment
Case studies Essay (2,500)
Choose ONE case study from those detailed below.
Give an analysis of the knowledge, values and skills that might be required to work in this situation. You should include a broad overview and ensure that you give a detailed analysis of two or three key theories/models of intervention in relation to the case you choose. Write critically in your essay!

Jon is 23, has a learning disability and lived at home with his parents until he was 19 when he finished college. He now lives in supported accommodation in a shared house with 3 others who also receive support. Just after he left home he reported to a member of staff that he was hearing voices, some of which told him to harm himself. He has seen his GP about this but so far has not been offered any form of treatment and is awaiting a specialist mental health assessment.
Jon recently walked into the main road in front of a car. It is suspected that he did this deliberately although Jon says it was an accident. His parents are extremely concerned and want Jon to return home and live with them but he is saying he does not want to and prefers to stay where he is.

Terry and Sam are both in their early 80s have lived together for over 50 years. Recently Terry was admitted to hospital following a fall. Both are expecting Terry to return home on discharge from the hospital. The medical opinion is that Terry of further accidents is at risk if she continues living in top floor flat which they own. The medical staffs have informed both Terry and Sam of their views, but spoke with them individually.
Terry appears confused and is insistent that she would like to return to her home. However, she does not appear to be taking on board the risks or practical challenges that this would present and her wishes appear unrealistic to professionals. Sam has asked for some support and does not know what to do next. In the meantime the hospital managers are insistent that since Terry has recovered from her fall she must be discharged from hospital immediately.
Essay Guidelines!
• Introduction
• Give analysis of the knowledge, values and skills that might required for the case
• Include broad overview and critical discussion of the analysis using two or three theories/models.
• Include basis for intervention
• Include the engagement & assessment
• Use relevant legislative Acts and reference it
• Planning & argue the methods of intervention
• Conclusion
• References

Use Harvard reference
Please number the pages
Critical thinking and writing is essential
1.5 line spacing
Arial 11
Use new paragraph for every points
Use books, journals, internet and reference from BASW (British Association of Social Workers) and hcpc (The one relevant to the case)
Reference the text appropriately
Put references in alphabetical order and all refs from the essay must be on the list

Types of Theories – Choose 2 theories from the list that applies to the case you choose

• Task Centred
• Solution focussed
• Crisis Intervention
• Strengths perspective
• Empowerment
• Structural
• Psychodynamic
• Attachment
• Transition and Loss
• System Theory
• Ecological Model
• Stages of Development
• Behaviourist
• Cognitive

Examples of Knowledge Values and Skills
(Use some of them and discuss fully, don’t just mention it)
But use the one relevant to the case you choose

Of the case
Of the environment
Of the resources available to them/Social Network
History of service user and finding what is available/signposting
Multi agencies/professionals of support needed

Self awareness
Diversity/cultural beliefs
Anti-oppressive &Anti discriminatory practice
Communication (Active listening, observation)
Interpersonal (Self awareness)
Judgement (BASW &HCPC)
Professional skills/ Boundaries
Action plan
Respect (dignity/honesty/clarity)