Topic: Integrating counseling to bipolar treatment with Zyprexa

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Below are the instructions.

the paper should have 2 sources from David Miklowitz work on a specific counseling theory and 2 sources regarding treatment of bipolar with Zyprexa

You will produce a short literature review paper. Short in this case means 5-7 pages of text not including reference pages. The topic must be a review of several

treatment studies of a specific treatment for a specific disorder. These should be studies not papers that review studies. They should have treatment groups and

some measure of effectiveness should have been used. This is not just your thoughts. The project should utilize multiple (3+) resources in describing the

procedures used, the people treated, and the outcome. From this review I do want you to have a conclusion as the effectiveness of the treatment for the disorder.
The sources do not count textbooks. I want research articles. These resources should be referred journal articles. It SHOULD NOT reference websites (even good

ones) but online journals are not websites and are good. If you find information on a website you want to use track down the original source.
The paper needs to be about 5-7 pages double-spaced. It should be in written in APA format. I do not expect an abstract page on such a short paper. It should

review the literature and not be your opinions. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON TENSE. All fact statements must have a citation. DO NOT to quote rather paraphrase in

your words their thought then give them credit in a citation for the idea. APA format places citations in the text as (author, date). Then has a Reference Page at the

end with full info. If you do not have an APA 5th Edition Guide this website can help