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Writing Your Rough Draft: Tips for Drafting Your Paper
Remember that the research paper will run between 810
pages, will integrate sources from a diverse array of resources
using MLA style, will have a clear thesis/research question as the backbone of the paper, will avoid fallacious rhetoric, and
will construct logical arguments to advance the ideas in the paper. In short, the research paper is where you fulfill the goals
you set forth in your proposal paper. Before starting your draft, review the research paper guidelines ?PDF.
Research papers can be tough to write, but the peer review process presents an opportunity to get assistance with the
revision process. In order to get an adequate review, it’s time to create a rough draft of the research paper. The clearer your
draft, the better the review experience will be!
Here are a few important tips about drafting that you should keep in mind:
•Use effective transitions ?PDF between paragraphs.
•Include only those details and sources that support your thesis. Don’t go off on tangents or include opinions that don’t point
back to the thesis.
•Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. A paragraph needs at least 58
sentences that fully and adequately support
the topic sentence.
•Use appropriate tone, voice, and persuasion.
•Don’t use too many quotations in your paper.
•Cite your sources properly IN THE BODY OF YOUR PAPER (the text of your paper) according to MLA formatting.
•Read your sentences aloud to check for runons
and fragments.
•Don’t end a paragraph with a quote. If you quote something, your next sentence should be your own thoughts, analysis, and
comments on that quote.
Charting Your Draft
To help you with your draft, you may want to use something like the chart below. You can read the example, and then insert
your own wording and ideas for your body paragraphs. Not every box needs to be filled in, and not every box needs to be very