This week you will develop a first draft of a resume and a cover lette

This week you will develop a first draft of a resume and a cover letter and turn it in for Career Network to review. Share with your classmates the type of employment you are trying to procure and some examples of experiences history and relevant skills that you will be adding to your resume.In Unit 5 you will be completing a PowerPoint Presentation on Leadership.Review the Assignmentand post to the Discussion Board at least three resources you would recommend to your classmates that will assist them in this Project. These resources can be examples of how to complete PowerPoint presentations articles write papers and PDFs related to the assignment books videos and/or other ancillary materials. Explain the value of each of the resources you post and review your fellow students resources.Watch the YouTube video below. If you were the first officer on the scene explain steps in detail that you would take to thoroughly report and investigate this crime? Discuss how this small criminal matter would be handled under the different styles of policing. Which would be most effective and why?KCRA News. School Vandals Caught On Tape. Retrieved from the community policing model. Are there any possible consequences or ethical concerns for police officers that may arise from adopting this model?Please answer each question seperately