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This is part of my project please what ever topic you choose shall be used for my project as well and you will be the same person to write it so please choose a topic you are good at but on my research proposal that was done by a writer from best essay the topic was on this,
(How Large Companies and Small to Medium Enterprises approach CSR in their Business). but if you can modify this topic like make it more intreasting it will be fine but if not then write on something else but please this is just a part of my project whatever topic you write here shall be my project ok if you do not understand please kindly mail me i mean the writer.
The first task that you will need to complete is the 1,000-word extended outline for your thesis. This is an important
road map for the entire project and needs a great deal of care and consideration. The extended outline will give
you and your supervisor a clear perspective of the research project. The outline is also important for good project
management. It involves defining your research process, identifying key literature, demonstrating knowledge of the
projects contents; and outlines the preliminary plan, which can then be analysed and improved. You must state the
identified gap in the literature and explain how your research will contribute to the wider body of knowledge and
managerial practice.
BUSI1359, Project (MA/MBA IB) 2015-16 19
5.3.2 Extended Action Plan/Interim Report – Consultancy Route
If you have chosen to complete a consultancy report, you will need to write 1,000 words of an extended action
plan/interim report. As each project is different, dealing with a problem or opportunity in a unique business setting,
the exact contents of the interim report will vary. However, the report should include an overview of the company
(profile), a clear definition of the problem, the amount of resources or access provided, time expectations (the
length of the consultancy period), expected outcomes (or contingencies), key literature and techniques used in the
problem resolution.
If the project involves a strategic review, the interim report should also include an external environmental analysis.
If the project tackles an industry analysis, the interim report should present an account of intelligence gathered.
On the other hand, if the project is analysing a particular business issue where there are various alternative
possible approaches, the interim report might be an “Issues and Options” section.
Lastly, in a marketing plan, the interim report could be a summary of information gathered in relation to
environmental factors, competitor and market intelligence.
Your project must have the following layout – it should be:
 Typed or word processed using double-spacing with margins of 1.5 inches;
 Numbered on each page;
 Spell-checked (use the spelling check in Word for convenience!);
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