The Scenario

You have three dispersed buildings on a campus that need to be integrated into a single LAN.

The addresses used in network A are

The addresses used in network B are

The addresses used in network C are

The graphic below (also attached as a jpg so you can see it larger) is a rough representation of what what you are working with.

Your ISP has assigned you the address

You have available T1 links (copper) to connect the buildings.

All of the users in the three LANs need access to the Internet.

LANs B and C need to be able to access LAN A, but not each other.

Your tasks:

1. Fill out the following chart (40 points):


Default gateway

Interface (A1, C2, etc) IP Address on gateway interface Routes advertized on gateway interface




Router A Interfaces A1 Address A2 Address A3 Address

Router B Interfaces B1 address B2 address B3 Address

Router C Interfaces C1 address C2 address C3 Address

Internet FW IFW1 Interface IP addr.

2. Define the routing protocol you would use, and explain why you chose it.

3. Explain how your design provides fault tolerance in the event of a WAN link failure and how your system will respond to such a failure.