The Perfect Job

Most people must work for a living and although work can be an important opportunity for personal growth, it can present many challenges that require adjustment for health and well-being. Level of job satisfaction can lead to substantial stress if satisfaction is low; high job satisfaction, on the other hand, usually results in lower stress.

In order to adjust optimally to the 21st Century workplace, it is useful to think about the numerous elements of the job which are related to adjustment that can contribute to or detract from job satisfaction and thus stress. Some of these elements include the reward system (the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards), the types of training or instruction provided (to help you do your job well), the feedback you receive on your job performance, your level of financial compensation, your schedule, the technology provided to help you get the job done, and the treatment of you and others including but not limited to the presence or absence of sexual harassment. In addition to elements in the workplace that contribute or detract from job satisfaction, you need to know about how to cope with stress when it arises, as well as how to prevent burnout.

This assignment is designed to assist you in looking carefully at your personal job situation and needs, so as to bring about job satisfaction and adjustment for you in your workplace.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review Chapter 14 in your textbook, focusing on the elements of a job that lead to job satisfaction and adjustment in the workplace.

Read the Mayo Clinic’s short article: Job Satisfaction: Strategies to Make Work More Gratifying. What strategies are suggested for increasing job satisfaction related to mental and physical health?

Read the Management-Issues article: Job Satisfaction Keeps Falling. What signs and causes of job satisfaction decline are suggested by this article? Do you agree?

Think about a specific job/position that you might want or a career that interests you. What does the job or career entail? What type of work would you do? What would be your daily tasks? What kind of schedule would you have? What kind of career advancement would there be? How would you be trained? What kind of salary would you receive? What would your work environment be like? What kinds of people would you be working with?

Now analyze the factors that hinder job satisfaction for you and those that lead to optimal job satisfaction. If you could create your perfect job situation, what would it look like?

The Assignment: 2 pages, APA style format, No Plagiarism and must be cited using the references provided. Use the Resources provided to do this assignment. Thank you

Briefly describe a specific job (specific position) or career that interests you.

Then select and describe a minimum of three (3) workplace elements that would most impact your personal adjustment and explain why. You may select elements from the following list:

o Intrinsic rewards

o Extrinsic rewards

o Training and instruction

o Feedback and work appraisal

o Financial compensation

o Work design

o Work schedule

o Technology

o Stress management and burnout prevention initiatives for employees

o Prevention of sexual harassment

(1).Analyze the elements you selected and identify characteristics of each that either hinder or lead to job satisfaction.

(2)Describe how you would like each job element addressed for your optimal job satisfaction and workplace adjustment. Include in your response answers to the following:

(3)What factors related to each job element would hinder job satisfaction for you personally?

(4)How would you like this job element to be addressed for your optimal job satisfaction and workplace adjustment? Be realistic; that is, a million dollar salary and three months of vacation is nice, but not probable.

(5)For each job element you select, be sure to justify how your suggestion will lead to optimal psychological adjustment in the 21st Century.