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I want you to answer the three questions in essay format having 1. …, 2. …, etc. to indicate the number of questions and it’s their answer. I will provide two reference for question 2 and 3, but question 1 you will have to fond the book online ”The Joys of Motherhood”
Each answer should be at least 600 words count

1)In Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood, it appears that life in urban Lagos is quite different from life in rural Ibuza. Nnaife and Nnu Ego live in the city but they appear firmly connected to their village. What do you think? Is life in Lagos any different than it is in Ibuza? How? Please explain, using Nnaife and Nnu Ego’s experience.

2) Kenneth Lynch (2005) employs a two dimensional graphic to model rural-urban interactions. He suggests that the graphic has both advantages (strengths) and disadvantages (weaknesses) for understanding of the rural-urban interface. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Lynch’s model of rural-urban interactions.

3) In the historical context of Africa’s development, there is European colonialism. What was/is European colonialism in Africa? When did it start and when did it end? What did Africans gain from the experience of European colonialism in Africa?


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