The Future Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Please read the following articles and write an essay about our future.
To imagine it’s 2040, that’s about 25 years from now. Most of you will be in your midforties.
Some of you will have children
who will be college students, just as you are now. What kind of world will you and they be living in? What will the energy
landscape look like? How will your children get from your home to their university? How will you heat and cool your house?
How will the essentials of life (food, fuel, water, electricity, etc.) be obtained and delivered to you? What kind of air will you
breathe? What will the climate be like? Will we have made progress in dealing with global environmental change or will we
be struggling to survive its impacts? Will the Paris Climate Agreement be viewed as a total success or an abject failure?
The only constraint is that the future as you see it has to be at least plausible in terms of what we have discussed in this
course. I strongly encourage you to be creative.