THE DARK SIDE Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Describe a time when your ‘dark side’ showed.  This could be a time at work or school in which you did not behave in a way that you consider to be appropriate, or it could involve discrimination, favouritism or abusive supervision.  Looking back on that time, what factors contributed to the way that you behaved?  How did you feel after this situation?  How do you feel about it now?  What would you like to have changed in terms of your own behaviours?

During our lives, we meet different types of people some of whom we perceive as good and some of whom we perceive as bad, often without any logical reasoning or evidence. I remember that during my time in school I demonstrated my dark side for several times by treating some of my schoolmates in disrespectful and discriminatory manner.

In our class there was a girl who did not look well because of her overall appearance, she was wearing glasses and had obesity problem. In addition to this, she was wearing very strange unfashionable clothes. While being teenagers most of my classmates made rude and offensive jokes about this girl. Even though I was not an initiator of this behavior, for some unconscious reason I acted supportively to my classmates, joking sometimes about this girl. Looking back on that time I could suggest that my behavior was driven by fears that if I did not support the rest of the group, I also would become a victim of their evil jokes and object of ridicules. While I did not want intentionally abuse that girl, my behavior was influenced by the rest of the group. That time I believed that this behavior was normal as almost everybody did so. Therefore, after that situation I was not devoured by guilt for behaving in such an inappropriate manner. However, as I grew up I have developed more clear understanding of what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. I wish I could go back to that time and change the situation by providing support and offering friendship to that girl. Thus, I could improve the life of this girl and probably give a good lesson to other schoolmates. Instead of this, I supported the crowd and demonstrated by dark side. Nowadays, I clearly understand that my fears of opposing the crowd indicated on my weak character. However, today I feel myself more confident and capable to resist to human abuse in relation to me or in relation to others.