The Buffalo Zoo

Paper instructions:

THE BUFFALO ZOO is the topic of the paper

WIth your partner, You are to write a 3-4 page paper (double spaced, size 13 times (or times new roman font). This paper should include a few things “ who/what created this science center? Where is it located? When was it built/created? How is related to science (some of you have chosen places that are not-so-obvious), and why is this center of value to this town? region? city? state? nation?. Essentially, you’re answering the 5 Ws (who what when where why) about your chosen center. Something should pique your interest while you’re researching your center. Whatever that is, you should focus on that for the œwhy part of the research. When finished, submit the paper to me by putting it into the dropbox on the ANGEL site. Teams whose works is submitted prior to October 6th (two weeks in advance) will have the added bonus of feedback from me before the complete paper gets resubmitted on October 20th. Please note: I CANNOT TOLERATE GRAMMAR AND/OR SPELLING MISTAKES. Proofread each other’s work. Further, please do NOT write a paper using text speak. I do not want to see any IDKs K? (that was supposed to be funny).